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Award Winning Web Design and Development Company from Chicago. The design of a website is a complicated and difficult mix of creativity and technology. A good graphic design must always be achieved through the use of the rules of navigability, usability, functionality, web marketing and, where necessary, accessibility. Do not rely solely on inventing a "creative" graphic agency or solely for IT solutions: often choosing one of these solutions is the failure of the site itself.

Before asking for a quote, ask for a feasibility study. The study is very important as it identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the project and clarifies the goals to be pursued. Before signing a contract, always seek to speak directly with the project manager, do not entrust yourself to intermediaries.

We are the best Chicago web design company helping businesses to have their own website. How to design a functional website, navigable, usable, accessible? The design of a website must be based on rules (eg: accessibility issues) or lack of conventions. As for the functionality, navigability and usability of the website there are conventions: whether or not it is the task of the web designer who must first expose it to the client through the project and then develop them. Create a website or online store with an award-winning template with Chicago Web Design Agency. Start today.

Some principles have now become Chicago web design conventions, and a good deal of web designers refer to these conventions. Of course, the web will never be like the road code and the application of these principles will always have a certain degree of flexibility and tolerance.

You can view the projects of the websites that I have created on the portfolio web design page and if my web consultant and web designer activity is interesting to the realization or restyling of your website or to collaborate in the development of web projects: contact Us: +91 9842021911

Principles: Chicago Web Design, Development, UX & Marketing Company

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  • Users should always be aware of the status of their actions.
  • Use the end user language; this approach ensures a better understanding and storage of content to visitors to the site and prevents the user from getting information out of the site without viewing them because he is tricked by terminology and images that he cannot associate with the information he is looking for.
  • Let users control the content of the site's information content, allowing them to easily access the topics present and navigate according to their needs. It's important to report the links properly, without ambiguity of meaning and placing them on the page where the user expects to find them from the previous pages.
  • It is imperative to bring in always equal graphic elements on each page, which reconfigure the user that they are moving within the same site. For example, moving from one page to another, users would encounter a graphic style other than the page you just visited, they would be forced to analyze each present item to see if they are still in the same site (and if so, in which sector), or if they came out of error.
  • It is good to clearly indicate which pages lead the links and what will be there, so that they do not generate false expectations, then disillusion, or confusion in choosing the links to visit; It is also good to make the functions available to exit the program or to return to the "home page".
  • It is recommended to choose simple and schematic layouts to facilitate the identification and consultation of page information. It is therefore best to always report the links and other useful elements for navigation to prevent users from "discovering" them on their own whenever they enter the site.
  • It is good to give users the ability to navigate differently within the site, depending on their experience in using the Web and knowledge of the site itself. For example, unknowable users like to be guided step by step, while more experienced users prefer to use shortcuts, which even inexperienced users can, as they increase their level of experience, can benefit.
  • The pages of a website should not contain irrelevant or seldom useful elements. Error messages should accurately indicate the problem and suggest a constructive solution.
  • It is better that the system can be used without documentation, but this is still necessary.
  • The following image shows the structure of a three-level Internet site. This operation - as it may seem superficial - is needed when it comes to designing medium and large sites after elaborating a thorough web marketing analysis.

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Promoting And Positioning A Website On Search Engines

The promotion of the site allows you to open new opportunities in domestic and international markets with considerable advantages in terms of efficiency and cost savings. The company can expand its clientele or its potential partners by implementing advertising and communication strategies at extremely low prices.

Web Site Optimization

Usually, the term " web site optimization " means: optimizing content for search engines. Therefore, optimization is achieved only by thinking of motors:

  • You create appropriate titles and descriptions for web pages
  • The header tags are placed at strategic points
  • Relevant keywords are used within the texts
  • They take advantage of alternative images

Being a top digital marketing company and Chicago web design organization tends to deliver the excellent business website, which works 100% responsive effectively. So if you need to optimize a web site for search engines please contact me, but do not rush, it's true that websites with good optimization are at the top of the engines and have many visitors (though, in some sectors we must also develop other positioning strategies), but it is also true that often the users, after visiting our beautiful optimized site, they leave it without questioning, without contact, without buying the products or services we offer.

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